First Post

As a means of keeping independent gamer updated on my game development I have created this blog.  I am trying something new, that is, I hope to keep my development as transparent as possible.  I hope to have several open prototype tests and to receive feedback as early and as often as possible and from as many people as possible.

As an independent game developer I hope to also give back to the community by sharing many techniques and scripts.

For any followers that may be developers it is important to note that I am currently using the Unity 3D engine.  As for games that I am working on; I just finished verison 1.0 of ‘Ball and Cup’.  It the classic ball and cup game brought into the modern day on mobile devices.  I am also working on a game my artist and I are calling ‘Card Dungeon’.  I will have some playable alpha versions of ‘Card Dungeon’ before long.  The third project I am currently working on is for my graduate degree.  It is a slightly educational (thats right, I said slightly educational) to help teach elements of atomic theory.  The goal is to make learning fun.  More on this later.

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