Jitbit Macro Recorder Review

Being a game developer I am constantly on the hunt for the right tool for the job.  I am a frequenter of the Unity Asset Store, because they constantly have new and better tools to peruse.

Last night I needed to render several 2D textures with Mentalray in Maya.  Since the rendering take a lot of time to get just one image and the task is repetitive I looked into macro recording software.  I immediately was referred to a demo of Macro Recorder by JitBit.  I setup a quick macro open the top file in my folder (ordered it by Date Modified, so that the oldest file is on top.)  This allowed me to repeat the macro once for each file and the file that I just rendered and saved would automatically sort to the bottom.

One problem I had is that I couldn’t save a variable to get unique file names when it came time to save the rendered image.  That would be a great feature.  I attempted to write my own c# but it wouldn’t take my valid script to Clipboard.SetText().  So I just decided to save the renders to a temporary folder and then in the macro I move them to my main folder and when windows asks to copy and rename I select that options.  It is a weird work around, but it works.

I was able to do all of my rendering while I slept last night and for a new father sleep is a wonderful thing!

I was so happy with Jitbit’s Macro Recorder that I was considering buying it.  I saw that they have a program to give free copies to bloggers who review the software and so I decided to write my experience on my blog.

Jitbit - Macro Recorder

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