Parent Commitments

Volunteer Work

Suzuki Music School depends on the varied skills and talents of parents to maintain the excellence of its music education program and to restrain the rising costs of program administration – hence tuition costs.


Each family enrolled in the Suzuki Music School will be required to perform four parent volunteer jobs during the school year. There are a wide variety of jobs available during the school year to fulfill the volunteer commitment.


Sign-up sheets for jobs will be located on the bulletin board in the foyer starting the first week of group classes in September. Job sign-up is on a first come, first serve basis. In order to receive credit for your completed job, you must get a receipt from Lori.


Please join with other parents in their efforts to support the school by volunteering your time and skills. If you prefer, you may pay a fee in lieu of completing four volunteer jobs. After May 31, parents that have completed part or none of their volunteer commitment will be billed for the appropriate amount. If this amount is not received by August 1, the family will not be able to re-enroll their child(ren) for the following academic year until this payment is received.


Donation of Consumable Items

Each family is asked to donate two consumable items to the school each year. These include such items as cleaning/bathroom supplies, facial tissue, 60-watt light bulbs, or vacuum bags. Monetary donations are, of course, always welcome and are tax-deductible. An updated list of consumable items needed is published in each newsletter.


Parent Quick Guide

Updated Parent Quick Guide coming soon.

"First for the love of the child; second for the love of teaching the child; and third for the love of the music that is taught to the child. But the child always comes first." - Shinichi Suzuki