School Building & Property

Care of the Building

Suzuki Music School has eight classrooms, each with the name of a different composer. We are doing everything possible to maintain and enhance our school building. In each of the last several years, major improvements have been made to our building through the generous efforts of our landlords, the Vogt family, and other Suzuki families. We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone involved with these improvements.


We would also ask that all families who use this school respect the efforts that others have made on their behalf and to not use the school in a way that is destructive or careless. Even small acts of vandalism can create a less pleasant environment – so kindly ensure that your children are supervised while at the school.


Please use the same courtesies at the school as you would in someone’s home. Wipe your feet carefully on muddy or snowy days, do not leave smelly garbage inside the school building (please no diapers in the school’s trash), pick up after yourself and your family when it’s time to go home. For those items that are inadvertently left behind, there is a lost and found box located just to the right of the faculty mailboxes.


Emergency Exits

Should it be necessary to evacuate the school, there are several school exits in addition to the two lighted exits in the front and back of the main school lobby. For those students whose classes are to the north of the lobby, the school can be exited both through the lobby and through an exit in Brahms. Students whose classes meet in Mozart and Vivaldi can exit the school through the door on the south side of Mozart. For those students whose classes are upstairs, there is an exit to an (exterior) stairway that can be reached through the west side of Gershwin as well as an (exterior) stairway to the south at the opposite end of the hallway. As in any emergency situation, it is important that all personal belongings be left behind. Someone trying to evacuate carrying a cello, for instance, could pose a serious hazard to others trying to quickly leave the building! The two exits upstairs, and the exits in Brahms and in Mozart are emergency exits and should not be used for everyday use.


Our Neighbors

Like all of us, Suzuki Music School has neighbors of whom we must be considerate. The cornfield next door, while a great temptation to small children, is not a part of the Suzuki Music School’s property. Please help your children understand that they must not play in the fields. There is ample area for children to play in front of the school. No playing in the parking lot. Children must be supervised while playing outside.

"First for the love of the child; second for the love of teaching the child; and third for the love of the music that is taught to the child. But the child always comes first." - Shinichi Suzuki