Environment for Learning

Teachers and parents are responsible for creating a wonderful learning environment for children.

    1. Teachers and parents must understand the Suzuki Early Education is a system of instruction that recognizes that success in one small step can and will lead to success in the next step.
    2. Teachers and parents are the role models.
    3. Teachers and parents must learn how to guide, not push or pull.
    4. Love and acceptance are critically important.
    5. Competition must be avoided.

Dr. Suzuki firmly believed that parents have the responsibility to nurture their children’s potential from the moment of birth, as a part of everyday life. Therefore it follows that a child’s earliest learning is the most critical-the learning that takes place before beginning school. Parents must take great care in creating a loving and sensitive environment, which enables children to learn skills that will help them achieve their potential.

Taken from Suzuki Early Childhood-Prenatal through Early Years: Stage One, used with permission from Dorothy Jones & Jones Partnership.

"First for the love of the child; second for the love of teaching the child; and third for the love of the music that is taught to the child. But the child always comes first." - Shinichi Suzuki