What is SCRIP? Simply put, it is another name for “gift certificates”. These certificates are equivalent to cash when used at the vendor listed on each certificate. Families purchase SCRIP from Suzuki Music School and then use them (instead of cash, check or charge) at the respective place of business.


Every time a family purchases SCRIP certificates from Suzuki Music School, they earn money for the school and their individual accounts; a percentage of the certificate’s value is profit for the school. Suzuki Music School shares the profit earned by each family, by giving 50% of the profit back to the respective family in the form of a tuition credit, applied to the following academic year.


While most participating families earn enough to defray some tuition expenses, some families have earned enough money using the SCRIP program to pay for their child’s Suzuki education.


SCRIP credits earned from July 1 through June 30 of the following year will be issued as a single tuition credit applied to Semester I. Family rebates under $10 will be considered a donation to the school.


SCRIP order forms are available in the office. SCRIP sales are typically conducted on Mondays during group classes.

"First for the love of the child; second for the love of teaching the child; and third for the love of the music that is taught to the child. But the child always comes first." - Shinichi Suzuki